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Youda Marina

Youda Marina brings together all the fun of landscape design with exciting Time Management action! Build the Marina of your dreams and get some sun and fun each time you play. Be creative with your exotic harbor and have fun managing its everyday problems. As the harbor master you will be responsible for keeping all your Marina visitors happy and spending money. Create the most beautiful marina in the world!
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Let's start with the pros. The setting for this time maemnangt game is a new one- you're in charge of building a marina, and you get to select the beach on which you do so. The new scenery is refreshing. Each level contains a series of goals, and there are lots of levels, allowing for lots of gameplay. Players also get to keep working on the same marina- so there's no repeated starting over from scratch. But there are cons too, and most important among those, is the fact that this game gets very repetitive, very quickly. Players do the same tasks over and over again. While it's nice to keep improving the same project/beach, this also contributes to the overall repetitiveness. In sum, this game offers a lot of gameplay for your dollar, but that gameplay is extremely repetitive.

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